Welcome to Volunteering Herts CIC, the network of accredited Volunteer Centres in Hertfordshire. This website provides information about volunteering in Hertfordshire for individuals, organisations and businesses.

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Volunteering Herts CIC is a network of Volunteering England accredited Volunteer Centres in Hertfordshire that work with around 5,000 organisations that involve volunteers in delivering their services. Annually the Volunteer Centres recruit a total of over 9,500 new volunteers.

The Centres maintain details of over 2,500 current voluntary opportunities, with each Centre holding a database of opportunities relevent to its geographical area.

It's easy to find your local Volunteer Centre. Click on the links below and you can find out about where they are and how they can help.

Full Countywide membership benefits Membership of Vol Herts Includes:

  • 4 Volunteer Centres working together for you
  • If your registered address is in the borough of your local VC you will also receive the benefits of that CVS services
  • 1:1 and group advice as well as support in governance volunteer management training
  •  Regular information updates and info e-bulletins
  • Promotion of our Members through articles, displays and events
  • Access to the local papers promoting volunteer roles (C1st)
  • Specialised training and workshops at discounted rates
  • Priority invitation to free networking events
  • Assistance with volunteer management, such as the Six Point Promise (chargeable for non-members
  • Support with volunteer recruitment (we offer 1:1 advice sessions to help volunteers find suitable opportunities)
  • Free advertising on http://www.do-it.org/
  • Local and countywide networks and partnerships
  • DBS online checking (at a reduced rate)
  • Access to CVS equipment, audio visual equipment hires, often at discounted rates
  • Promotion of your events via our social networks
£100 countywide