Volunteer Charter

Volunteers Rights

  • To be given a clear idea of their tasks and responsibilities within the organisation
  • To be given the name of someone in the organisation who will look after their interests and who will offer them appropriate support and supervision on a regular basis
  • To be assured that any information shared with the organisation is kept confidentially
  • To be given the same protection under health and safety regulations and public liability as paid employees
  • To be offered opportunities for training and skills development, appropriate for the voluntary tasks involved
  • To not be exploited – volunteers should not: –
  • be used to replace paid workers
  • have unfair demands made on their time
  • be asked to do something which is against their principles or beliefs
  • To be given the chance to play a part in decision making within the organisation
  • To not be out of pocket through doing voluntary work. Travel and other expenses should be offered by all funded organisations

Volunteers’ Responsibilities

  • To accept the organisations aims & objectives
  • To do what is reasonably requested of them, to the best of their ability
  • To treat information obtained whilst volunteering in a confidential manner – this can be information about clients or other workers, paid & unpaid
  • To recognise the right of the organisation to expect quality of service from all its staff, paid & unpaid
  • To recognise that they represent the organisation and therefore need to act in an appropriate manner at all times.
  • To honour any commitment made to the best of their abilities, notifying the organisation in good time should they be unable to keep that commitment e.g. for holidays
  • To be willing to undertake appropriate training with respect to Health & Safety issues, Insurance liability and general good practice as necessary for the voluntary work undertaken
  • To share suggestions for changes in working practices with the Volunteer Co-ordinator